Venetian Resto Under Wraps, Confirms Closing Speculations

November 1, 2018|Openings

Schöneberg- Osteria Venexiana

venetianOsteria Venexian, Venetian style restaurant over in Schöneberg that has been around for the last two year is no more. This one came off the Eatler Tip Line from a devoted reader who let Eatler know that the joint was spotted under wraps. Eatler reached out to Osteria Venexiana for a comment which intimated that they sold the restaurant. Though fret not all you Venexiana fans they are trying to look for something new. Unclear exactly why they closed down, but an educated guess would may lead one to think that maybe contracts were an issue. More on Venexiana on their next project.

Nollendorfstraße 21A

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  1. They should take over the former Sudaka location!!

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