Syrian Resto/Gallery Links Up With Italian Cafe/Gallery In Mitte

November 1, 2018|Openings

Mitte- Lawrence, M’AMA.Art

syrianLawrence, the one year old Mitte Café, Restaurant, Bar, Gallery, Studio, and Shop is adding yet another element to their roster. The original joint, which functions mainly as a Syrian restaurant, has gained some traction for their authentic cuisine over the last year. However, coming up at the end of November they are going to be linking up with M’AMA a Prenzlauer Berg gallery and Italian resto that shut down at the end of last month. Reportedly It looks like they are going to be mixing the cuisines and going for the Italian/Middle Eastern fusion. Unclear if these are two separate entities that are mixing, or if they are part of the same family of owners, but they definately seem to have the same aesthetic. More on this union as it develops.

Oranienburgerstr. 69

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