Real Estate In Wedding, Zehelendorf, Prenz, Friedrichshain + Arminius

November 1, 2018|Jobs

Real Estate in Wedding, Zehlendorf, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain- Rosa Lisbert’s, Arminiusmarkthalle, Zucchero, Dinette, M’ama

real estateWedding- Rosa Lisbert’s, French booth that had a station at Arminniusmarkthalle until the end of September is up for grabs. The deal with the location is pretty strait forward markthalle fodder. We got a 50sqm booth for dining and kitchen for a 1.6k a month rent, with a 2.5k deposit. You got to apply to Arminius for this one, and they ask for no Italian. Sorry pizza lovers.


Zehlendorf- Zucchero, newly renovated and re-opened joint is up for grabs. Pretty big looking, free standing joint with a huge terrace that can seat an extra 150, plus apartments/offices above the resto. They are looking for a buyer for the full inventory, however the final price is unclear in terms of key money or rent.

Spanische Allee 112

Friedrichshain- Dinette is up for grabs over near Warschauerstr. The popular French style cafe has recently rebranded itself, looking to expand work in catering and event hosting besides the original cafe concept. About 100sqm, for about 1.3k a month and about a 100k for the full inventory take over.

Lehmbruckstrasse 9

Prenzlauer Berg- M’ama Art Berlin Art & Italian Food is up for grabs over in Pankow. About 120sqm for about 1.4k a month. Recently renovated and holds a bar, resto licence. Unclear what the key money is here or the story with the inventory, but it looks like they want to get rid of the whole unit. They just linked up with one year old Mitte resto, Lawrence.

Heynstr 33

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