Five Course Gin Pairing Event Invites Distilleries To Char-Burg Fine Diner

October 31, 2018|Gossip

Charlottenburg- Schwein

five courseSchwein, the Charlottenburg fine diner with a casual setting that is finishing up its first year in their new location is living up to its contemporary identity with an upcoming event. They’re having a five course menu with Gin pairing from Kyrö and Elephant Gin, strait up or mixed into a cocktail program. The menu will feature items like Marinated Salmon w/ Sour Cream, Red Beat & Apple, Grilled Pork w/ Pumpernickel, Quince Paste and Mustard and a White Chocolate Miso wi Plum among others. About a 100 bucks a pop for the event and the gin pairing going down tomorrow night, ressies recommended.

Mommsenstr. 63

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