Cool Kid Bakery, Grey Hair Michelin, & More: Reviews Of The Week

October 31, 2018|Reviews

Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg- Albatross, Bombay Cafe Bunty’s, Horvath, Schwein

cool kid bakeryKreuzberg- Albatross, the current cool kid bakery got a write up from TIP this past week shining a light on the now seemingly ubiquitous bakers. The bakery opened up about four years ago and has become the “pain de choix” of cool restaurateurs everywhere. Check it out here. Also, ‘cool kid bakery’ is a rather surreal notion. 

Charlottenburg- Bombay Cafe Bunty’s, the brand new modern Indian joint that opened up over in Charlottenburg caught the heart of the Berlin blogosphere as of late and got a write up from Berlin Loves You. Throwing some love at the new resto, and also sharing that love with Berlin Indian street food authority, Moksa, who alerted most of the Berlin food scene to Bunty’s existence. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Horvath head chef got a full two page feature at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The Austrian cuisine joint garnered the much prized Two Michelin Star status over the last years under the guiding head of the chef. Not that Eatler likes to put too much stock in the grey haired opinion of that deflated old tire rag, however enough respectable people in town admire the head chef’s work that indicates that Michelin got it right here. Hey even a broken clock is right twice a day. Check out the feature here.

Charlottenburg- Schwein, the contemporary fine diner over in Char-burg got a nice feature on Pomme des Garcon. An all around admiration of the joint, from the personality, to the environment to the menu complete with a gorgeous set of photos of the appealing dishes. A well deserved recognition of a joint that doesn’t seem to get enough love in Eatler’s opinion.  Check it out here.

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