Argentinian Celebrity Chef Restaurant Is No More In Schöneberg

October 31, 2018|Openings

Schöneberg- Sudaka

argentinianSudaka by Chakall, the celebrity chef owned Argentinian resto out in Schöneberg looks as if its no more. Tip came in on the joint a few days back alerting Eatler to the shuttering. Unclear exactly what is going on with this joint that has been around for the last five years that is now sporting a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign. The original joint is listed more as an Argentinian Steak House, but they did a lot of different kinds of South American cuisine. Eatler tried to reach out to them, but at the moment there has been no comment on the restaurant’s status. More on the story as it becomes clear.

Goltzstrasse 36

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  1. Not far away from this one, Osteria Venexiana seems to have followed the same fate. Not two weeks ago they were still open, now the place is closed and the windows covered with newspaper.

    1. Hey, send a pic if you feel like it.

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