Reviews Of The Week: Layla, Sljiva, Pantry, TIP Speisekarte

October 25, 2018|Reviews

Wedding, Mitte, Kreuzberg- Sljiva, Pantry, Layla, Team Tasty, TIP Speisekarte

reviewsWedding- Sljiva, the new Balkan style resto in the bowels of the Arminiusmarkthalle got a write up from TIP this past week. The were particularly enthusiastic with the authentic product that Sljiva put out. They also devoted a nice chunk of the article to the former Kafana, elder sibling of Sljiva that closed this past summer. Check it out here.

Mitte- Creme Guides put up a review for Pantry, the Mitte fine dining staple that has been around for a few years. A glowing review, not untypical of Creme’s output, highlightes the fish, the meat, the menu and the cocktails… so everything. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Layla got a write up from Falstaff, who was pleased with the new joints output. Particularly impressed with the spices and the head chef’s herbal Infarm influence. The write up claims the joint is a welcome edition to the growing Israeli cuisine trend in town. Check it out here.

New blog hit the scene this past week from some Berlin gastro characters, one of whom was formerly a figure at Berlin Food Week and life partner of the head chef and owner of BRLO Brewhouse. The new blog called TeamTasty will not focus on criticism but rather take in depth looks into culinary lives of restos and food. Check it out here.

And finally, TIP Speisekarte came out this week. An encyclopaedic rundown of the restos in town including some highly intriguing, if not brow raising top tenners. These things are naturally never void of political leanings, however the magazine is well worth a gander if you are so inclined and have ten bucks burning a hole in your pocket. Read about it here.

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