Miso Butter Or Cheddar Cheese Naan???- The Daily Dish Is In!!!

October 24, 2018|Awards

Kreuzberg- Moksa

miso butterThe Daily Dish is in over at Markthalle Neun’s Street Food Thursday event who is hosting Moksa, the beloved non traditional Indian street food purveyor. Coming up tomorrow evening is the Garlic Butter or Miso Butter Naan with Cheese. Still some mystery as to which cheese Moksa will use as a few teasers were given, from Berg, to Blue. However, word has it from a solid source that tomorrow’s Naan will indeed be the Cheddar Cheese Naan, but no promises are made. Moksa has sadly spent this year as a nomadic gastronome after bullshit ousting from their original location, however Eatler is hopeful that we shall see them in a rooted place over the next year. Miso Butter Cheese Naan, Go Eat That Tomorrow!!!

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

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