Deep Dish Pizza Event Flooded With Demand As Books Close On Orders

October 24, 2018|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Smash’d

deep dish pizzaSmash’d, the caterer and former dining host up in Prenzlauer Berg that is mounting a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza event later this week is flooded with orders. So much so that the books are closed on this current event despite the continuing demands. Eatler reached out to the powers that be at Smash’d and asked about the future plans. It seems that the current event is closed and they will not be adding any days to the immediate event. However they know how much demand is in the market so they are committed to keep mounting events in the future. When asked about doing something more permanent, they said they would set up something if they could find the right set up, but it all depends on the circumstances lining up. More news on Smash’d as it comes in.

Fehrbelliner Str. 5

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