Real Estate In Kreuz, Prenz, Friedrichshain, Moabit: Up For Grabs

October 18, 2018|Gossip

Real Estate in Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Moabit, Friedrichshain- Doufte Kousei, Asin, Cafe Susam, Pizza Chief, Die Flotte Rita

real estateKreuzberg – Asian soul food bistro Doufte Kousei is up for grabs at 1300 € – 1400 € a month plus 200€ extra for electricity. Space measures about 40sqm inside and a 12sqm basement. Seats up to 43 guests with an additional 15 outside during summer time. The space is suited for cold food concepts like cafés, snacks or sushi since an extractor system cannot be installed due to house regulations. Looks like key money stands at about 25k.

Graefestraße 78

Prenzlauer BergAsin Asian fusion joint and cocktail lounge is up for grabs over on one Prenzlberg’s more desirable strips, Oderbergerstr. The joint stands at about 230sqm for about 5k a month. Unclear exactly what the key money is, or how much of the inventory comes with the place. But considering the real estate is on the more desirable end of the spectrum, it may be worth the investment.

Oderbergerstr. 11

MoabitCafe Susam is up for grabs in Moabit. Currently structured as a strait forward bakery/cafe with dining space. The joint stands at 290sqm for sales and another 250sqm for production and storage spread out over two floors with a fifteen year lease. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a monthly number, so the negotiating will be left up to you, but the key money stands at a cool 190k.

Beusselstraße 77

Moabit- Pizza Chief, strait forward pizza delivery shop is up for grabs in Moabit. Full inventory standing on a 110sqm location. No clear info on the key money and no mention of how much rent may be. But small joint, in an out the way location, solid for pizza delivery.

Sickingenstraße 56

Friedrichshain- Die Flotte Ritte, mini cafe is up for grabs over at the far side of Friedrichshain/Lichtenberg. The joint is tiny at about 20sqm for about 700 bucks a month. 500 euro key money for complete inventory it seems.

Pettenkofer Str. 4c

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