Opening Rundown- What Opened, What Closed & Whats Coming Up

October 15, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings

Wedding, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg- Sotto, Malafritta, The Barn, Layla, Swing Kitchen, Tommi’s Burger, Kanaan, Barra


openingSotto, new pizza shop up in Wedding kicked off their soft opening with a party this past weekend. The deal with the joint is that they are a vegetarian restaurant and pizzeria of Finnish/Italian ilk. Check it out here.

Malafritta, new Fried Pizza joint that is the sibling to cult favourite pizza shop Malafemmena is officially opened in Kreuzberg bringing the Neapolitan Fried Pizza concept to the front lines. Check it out here.

The Barn, the Mitte/Prenz. coffee shop of much popularity and much self importance are had the official opening of their new cafe in Neukölln. They had some minor issues with some vocal anti gentrification postings. Check it out here.

Layla, the new Kreuzberg Israeli joint along side the Berlin Tempodrom has been moving forward with their opening week process. As a preparation for the grand opening they invited the whole of the Berlin gastronomy press core. Check it out here.

Knocked Up

Swing Kitchen, Austrian vegan burger chain is making hard moves into the Berlin Mitte market. They are essentially a mom and pop shop that has grown since its inception two years ago. Check it out here.

Tommi’s Burger Joint, the Berlin born cult burger joint that has grown to international status is due to open another location in Berlin, Friedrichshain. Check it out here.

Kanaan, the well known political hummus maker in Prenzlauer Berg is going to be doing something in West Berlin. Recently they have put up a small booth up at the Galeria Kaufhof and are ever expanding both physically, and metaphysically. Check it out here.

Barra, new resto currently in gestation down in Neukölln from the same crew that was running the popular To The Regiment pop ups is moving forward with the new joint. Due for an imminent delivery. Check it out here.

Up For Grabs

Charlottenburg- My Sushi Burger & Lounge real estate is up for grabs in Char-burg. 5k deposit, about 1.7k a month for 150sqm. Unclear if they joint has any sort of key money in the deal, or if any of the inventory is in the deal. Check it out here.

Moabit- Legend Burger is up for grabs for the last few months. About 90sqm for about 1.5k a month. Unclear if there is any key money or inventory in the deal. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- New West Club is up for grabs. Historic Berlin night club, about 115sqm for about 3k a month. Doesn’t look like there is a kitchen in the joint, but certainly a well stocked bar and dance floor. Check it out here.

Wilmersdorf- Meisterstück, the former meat centric joint that currently has another location in Mitte is up for grabs over on Ku’Damm. The joint had been open for about a year and reportedly had some issues with the location. 500sqm, about 15k a month, 62k deposit. Address is Kufurstendamm 175/176. Check it out here.

Friedrichshain- Lykke, two year old cafe is up for grabs in Friedrichshain. About 2k a month and 40k to buy the inventory and key money. Unclear what the sqm is. Check it out here.

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