Peruvian Restaurant Imports New Homeland Head Chef In Prenzlauer Berg

October 12, 2018|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Nauta

peruvian restaurantNauta, one year old Peruvian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg up on Kastanienallee just anchored themselves a new head chef. They imported him from Lima Peru where he worked at the Astrid and Gaston Restaurant, apparently one of the best 20 restaurants in the world. The former and original head chef of Nauta moved on which made some room for the new Peruvian blood. Recently Nauta was placed in the Das Original Coca Cola campaign which highlighted a few restos around town, particularly in Prenz. This change in personnel plus the recent commercial placement might indicate that Nauta is looking to expand its horizons.

Kastanienallee 49

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