Real Estate In Char-burg, Wilmersdorf, Friedrichshain & More

October 11, 2018|Gossip

Real Estate In Charlottenburg, Moabit, Wilmersdorf, Friedrichshain- My Sushi Burger & Lounge, Legend Burger, New West Club, Meisterstück, Lykke

real estateCharlottenburg- My Sushi Burger & Lounge real estate is up for grabs in Char-burg. 5k deposit, about 1.7k a month for 150sqm. Unclear if they joint has any sort of key money in the deal, or if any of the inventory is in the deal. Check it out here.

Moabit- Legend Burger is up for grabs for the last few months. About 90sqm for about 1.5k a month. Unclear if there is any key money or inventory in the deal. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- New West Club is up for grabs. Historic Berlin night club, about 115sqm for about 3k a month. Doesn’t look like there is a kitchen in the joint, but certainly a well stocked bar and dance floor. Check it out here.

Wilmersdorf- Meisterstück, the former meat centric joint that currently has another location in Mitte is up for grabs over on Ku’Damm. The joint had been open for about a year and reportedly had some issues with the location. 500sqm, about 15k a month, 62k deposit. Address is Kufurstendamm 175/176. Check it out here.

Friedrichshain- Lykke, two year old cafe is up for grabs in Friedrichshain. About 2k a month and 40k to buy the inventory and key money. Unclear what the sqm is. Check it out here.

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