Pumpkin Cream Soup At Neukölln Egg Hub: The Daily Dish

October 11, 2018|Awards

Neukölln- Egg Kneipe

pumpkin cream soupThe Daily Dish is in over at Neukölln’s egg embassy Egg Kneipe. Today and tomorrow we got that amazing looking daily special, the Kürbiscremesuppe, which is to say, Pumpkin Cream Soup with Spicy Marinated Minced Pork, Koriander and Lemon Popcorn. Egg Kneipe has been winning hearts since it opened a little over a year ago and is highly esteemed as the number one egg spot to contend with. They do killer protein bowls, egg and cheese sammies and a whole lot of daily specials all with the real deal attitude. None of that too cool for school shit here, just the real deal. Pumpkin Cream Soup, Seven bucks a pop! Go Eat That Now!!!

Kottbusser Damm 1

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