Ten Berlin Barbecue Destinations: Curb Your Ego, Eat Some Ribs

October 10, 2018|Reviews


The Barbecue!

Often times at the family barbecue there is an alpha male battle around who works the grill at the party. Is it gonna be dad? Or is Uncle Arthur going to try to grasp a pair of tongs and show every body who’s the real daddy is? Well, Eatler suggests that you avoid the dominance hierarchies, the macho male chest beating, the bullshit, just go out to one of these Berlin Barbecue joints. Control your ego, have some ribs and fight over the check instead you compensating fools. Here they are, Ten Berlin Barbecue destinations.


Mitte- Chicago Williams

Chicago Williams kills it on this list. They do barbecue and they do it right because they do it with love. They got the standard Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork in every different combination. The sides are always pleasing and there is usually an interesting special going on. Besides the killer menu, Chicago Williams always puts the diner in the right state of mind to really over eat some killer meat.

Hannoverschestraße 2


Friedrichshain- Khwan

Khwan, one of the most popular joints in town is this Thai BBQ gem. Khwan just continues to win love from everybody in town. They consistently gain love for their Thai BBQ stylings that hold unique and fresh takes on classic Thai BBQ. They recently linked up with a restaurant group so it looks like they are here to stay. One of the few BBQ joints on the list that do a lot of seafood, but also put out a wide variety of meats and flavours.

Revaler Str. 99


Moabit/Charlottenburg- Pignut

Pignut, a “hickory smoked, Alabama inspired BBQ” is one of the more authentic American BBQ joints in town. They’ve been around for a few years and in the last year expanded from Moabit into the lofty halls of the KaDeWe. A wide selection of different style Ribs, Sandwiches with Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Brisket and much more. Good Selection of sides, drinks and booze.



Charlottenburg- BRLO Chicken & Beer

BRLO, the popular Kreuzberg brewery and restaurant that has had a successful run as one of the leading Brewary/Restaurant setups in Germany, however in the past few months they launched a Chicken & Beer resto/stand in KaDeWe. Not strictly a BBQ joint, but lets face it, rotisserie/fried chicken and beer is close enough! Eight different taps, with a KaDeWe special brew included. While the BRLO Brewhouse concept makes lot of use of the Veggie side of cuisine, BRLO Chicken & Beer is indeed as the title describes. Chicken, Beer, and well… French Fries.

Auentzienstraße 21-24

43331204_1967840573513053_6902070229162000384_n (1)

Wedding- Lino’s BBQ

Lino’s BBQ, the Texas style BBQ joint up in Wedding has been around for about a year, doing pretty straightforward, no BS Texas style BBQ, They have developed a solid reputation for their slow grill method where meat cuts are smoked over oak wood for that Texas style love. They do lots of cool specials and one of Mr. Eatler’s favorite are the beautiful Pastrami Ribs. Sausages, sides, and booze.

Malplaquetstraße 43

container smokehouse

Prenzlauer Berg- The Bird Barbecue

The Bird Barbecue in Prenzlauer Berg, puts out gorgeous looking platters of meat on the regular. They have been inching into the Barbecue game after a rocky first year, but are slowly but surely taking their place in the Berlin barbecue pantheon.  This Central Texas style meat is on the docket for a real good time with smoked meats, sausages, ribs, briskets, pulled pork and more. Especially good to visit on Thursday evenings. Clearly one of the leaders in the Berlin BBQ game.

Oderbergerstr. 61


Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, Treptow, Neukölln- Mmaah

Chain Korean BBQ joint, Mmaah opened their fourth location in Berlin a couple of months back. The chain has been around for the last five years and have locations in Kreuzberg, Schönberg, Treptow and Neukölln. Mmaah likes to lean towards good natured hyperbolic grandiosity at times, posting recently about their original location as being the “legendary headquarters of the fast food revolution.” Tongue in cheek aside, they do a fun selection of Korean Style BBQ.

Winerstr. 31


Prenzlauer Berg- Southern Vittles

Southern Vittles, one of the most authentic BBQ joints in Berlin that has been doing justice to American Southern cuisine for the last year. Besides their killer menu that includes fried chicken specials, hushpuppies, chicken and waffles as well as killer brisket, ribs and pulled pork, they put out a weekend brunch menu featuring buiscuits and gravy. Truly a Berlin gem to behold.

Lychener straße 6


Prenzlauer Berg- Blackbeards

Blackbeards, three year old Prenzlauer Berg based BBQ joint is a favorite of some of the Berlin BBQ lovers. Known for their truly great beef ribs, they also  have this spice bbq sauce that is nothing to sneer at. Good wings and burgers. But the ribs and beef rib are the real thing to look out for here.

Pappelallee 55


Kreuzberg- Big Stuff Smoked BBQ

Big Stuff, one of the Berlin BBQ veterans, not technically a resto but certainly one of the favoured BBQ joints in Berlin. Big Stuff has been in operation for the last six years and generally operates out of the Markthalle 9 arena. The pork belly at Big Stuff is considered “insanely good” and that comes from a highly valued Eatler reader and one of the leading chefs in Berlin. Another highlight are the veal ribs, because when they’re on, they are ON!

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

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