Official Opening For Fried Neapolitan Pizza Concept, New Berlin Trend?

October 9, 2018|Openings

Kreuzberg- Malafritta

official openingMalafritta, new Fried Pizza joint that is the sibling to cult favourite pizza shop Malafemmena is official opening tomorrow in Kreuzberg. They are opening up the new joint tomorrow afternoon and already have many of the Berlin Pizza followers gearing up for the door opening, including kickass cartographers OOOH, Berlin! Who are already calling up their pizza loving banner men to take on the new joint. There were some natural delays in the opening but it looks like all’s well that ends well for Malafritta who are bringing the Neapolitan Fried Pizza concept to the front lines of the growing Berlin pizza trend. Still some elements missing if you ask Mr. Eatler, namely two American cities, New York & Chicago Style Pizzas. C’mon Mala-Family, here’s hoping for pizza joint number 3.

Kotbusser Damm 1

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