Caterer Mounts Chicago Style Pizza Event For October’s End

October 9, 2018|Gossip

Prenzlauer Berg- Smash’d

catererSmash’d, the caterer and former dining host up in Prenzlauer Berg is breaking out a special treat for Berlin’s struggling pizza lovers later this month. Indeed they are providing what seems to be a boon to the yearning masses and are producing one of the few, if not only, Berlin Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizzas. While the joint used to house a small dining table where it would mount different events, as of late they had expanded their kitchen and will not have any in house service. Instead they are producing the deep dish pies on a to go model and warn that each pie take 45 minutes to make. Naturally, due to the size of the ovens, ressies recommended. Will the project continue beyond the solitary one date? Here is to hoping. Event goes down on the 26th, 25 bucks a pop.

Fehrbelliner Str. 5

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