Mezcal, Wontons, Gentrification & More: Events Of The Week

October 8, 2018|Events

Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg- Hallesches Haus, Mezcal San Cosme, Chungking Noodles, Geist im Glas, The Barn, Cashewbert, Allans Breakfast Club

mezcalOn Monday, mezcal producer Mezcal San Cosme stops by Hallesches Haus in Kreuzberg for a three-day Mezcal Pop Up and Design Market. The opening party will offer tailor-made cocktails, tacos and a Mexican shops. Tuesday there’s special Mexican breakfast going until Friday. Tacos and Mezcal are back end of the week. Check it out here

On Wednesday we got Chili Oil Wontons from Chungking Noodles over at Geist im Glas. Chungking has been gaining some heat as of late from some of their fans who have been vocal about the recent noodle pop ups. For this event the deal is simple and noodle-less, just chili oil, wotons, and broth. Geist will provide some of their signature cocktails as well. Check it out here.

On Thursday, The Barn is Opening its new café down in Neukölln on Friedelstraße. There was some hullabaloo regarding some anti gentrification flyers posted on The Barn’s windows, but nothing seems to slow the march of coffee, though sometimes it really should. From 6pm, stop by for a coffee cocktail by Freimeisterkollektiv and an organic wine by Viniculture. They will also make their signature coffees beetroot flat white and shakeratos. Check it out here

Also on Thursday, vegan cheese shop and pop-up Cashewbert celebrates its two year anniversary over at vegan cafe/bar Alaska in Neukölln. Menu includes a pear and blue cheese salad, cashew cheese and spinach ravioli, chocolate mousse and cheese. Check it out here

On Friday, Allans Breakfast Club And Wine Bar in Prenzlauer Berg brings back its Mussels Feast. Muscadet and endless bowls of mussels are on the docket for this one. Reservations are advised. Check it out here

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