Virtuous Gastronomy Takes Center Stage At Political Food Festival

October 5, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg Stadt Land Food, Markthalle 9

virtuous gastronomyStadt Land Food, a cultural food festival about small scale agriculture and artisan food, had a successful start on Monday and is heading towards its final days. The deal with this festival is numerous artisan farmers, restaurateurs and local businesses join forces to support the “We’re Fed Up!” movement, demanding a change in European agricultural policies. The idea is to present regional farm produce and artisan food as a positive alternative. Past activities included talks with House Of Food, and staff meals at moral arbiter restos such as Nobelhart, Horvath and Ernst. Until Sunday, you can pass by a farmers market, various food labs and workshops at Markthalle Neun and partake upon the political smorgasbord of virtuous gastronomy. Visitors become partakers and are invited to roll up their sleeves, make their own cheese and learn about agriculture in the urban space.

Eisenbahnstraße 42/43

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