Indoor Farming Tech Company Makes Fine Dining Inroads In Berlin

October 5, 2018|Gossip

Berlin– Infarm

indoor farmingInfarm, the 5 year old Berlin based indoor farming company, has been heavily active over the last few months and is making serious inroads into the Berlin gastronomy world. Over the last year they have expanded their operations to Paris, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, however have found numerous partnerships here in Berlin, with Restaurant Tim Raue and soon-to-be high end resto Layla as well as with upcoming Char-burg molecular cuisine resto, Prism. The deal with Infarm is they grow plants and herbs in modular vertical farms, located directly in or not far away from the restaurants they collaborate with. They say this brutally local approach brings fresher crops, more nutrients and flavors, but some critics argue regional and seasonal cuisine will be obsolete if indoor farming is our future. Though Infarm has some cabinets in local supermarkets and flagship salad bowl joint, GoodFarm, it seems that with more and more high end restos adopting the indoor farming pods, they are going the Tesla route. Starting high end, and perhaps going more mainstream as they pick up s steam. 


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