Anti-Gentrification Notifications Adorn New Neukölln Cafe’s Window

October 3, 2018|Gossip, Knocked Up

Neukölln- The Barn


Pictures courtesy of Eatler colleague @berlinerit

The Barn’s new cafe space got tagged this weekend down on Neukölln’s Friedelstrasse strip. The deal is that a bunch of anti-gentrification posters were hung up on the windows of a currently in gestation cafe that lets them know that they are not wanted. The signs read: “No one needs another cafe here” and “Gastro No, We will not become another Simon Dachstr.” and “Not Welcome, this is where WE live, not your HIPSTERVILLE” and Mr. Eatler’s personal favourite, “No one needs another cafe here, just FUCK OFF.” The Barn just announced their opening event next week earlier today and undoubtedly the Anti-Gents are outraged at coffee headed its way? There has been some tumult going down in that neck of the woods ever since the new Berlin Google Campus started surfacing.

Friedelstr. 27

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  2. the thing is, there is populus roaster around, the ok cafe, kulturcafe, katies blue cat since years, brammibals donuts, even five elephants roaster 5 minutes away, so really question is why as much i respect and like the barn, is it nesscary to build new branch right next to others? neukölln is huge, why not rixdorf? why not treptow? why not up graefekiez? … secure the places now as goofle is coming! exactly what everybody is afraid off …

  3. Sure The Barn is free to open their business anywhere they want, but really coffee bars and second hand clothing can’t be the only business idea new business owners bring to the area. It makes it seem as if the businesses are being opened to fulfill the owners fantasy of being relevant and fitting in with the latest trend. They can go visit their home town at Christmas and tell all their family and old school friends “I’m sooo awesome and interesting I run a second hand shop/coffee bar in Berlin” if any one of these businesses cared about Berlin or Neukölln, the question they’d be asking is “what type of buissness do the people in this Kiez need, what’s lacking?” Or “what neighborhood in Berlin still needs coffee bars?”

  4. The Schonleinstraße area may be overloaded with coffee, but with the criminal gangs controlling most of the real estate from Hermannplatz on down the U8, it’s not like they had many suitable options for opening up a suitable spot deeper in the area.

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