Oyster Importers Launch W/ Pop UP Wine Collaboration In Neukölln

September 27, 2018|Gossip

Neukölln- Oyster Klub, Motif Wein, Albatross

oyster importersOyster Klub, a new oyster importers in town is throwing the third event to its dinner series Oyster Klub at Neukölln natural wine shop/bar Motif Wein. The crew previously teamed up with known locations such as showroom Reform and Wagner Cocktail Bistro and keep things simple by focusing on the winning combo of fresh oysters and wine. Oysters are provided by a small family-run business on the French Atlantic Coast. Wines will come from Bermuda, plus vintage wines made with grapes from three different places around the world. Kreuzberger bakery Albatross will provide the bread. Oysters will be gone quick event goes down on Oct. 13. The official “open for business” of the importer is geared for second week of Oct. 

Weserstraße 189

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