Ten Pizza Destinations In Berlin For Winter Carb Loading

September 26, 2018|Reviews

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The Berlin pizza scene…

…has often been taken for granted and unfairly suffered at the hands of some ignorant jokesters for lacking a certain je ne sai quoi, or more aptly in Italian, non so che… And while pizza may not be the ubiquitous mana from heaven in Berlin as it is in some other cities, there are some serious pizza shops to consider. With the help of the Eatler community we got an interesting list of ten of the Berlin pizza shops that demand to be noticed. Most of the joints in town offer the classic Neapolitan style pizza, and this list is no exception. Though there are a few pizzerias that offer a few off the beaten path options, including one that does the highly prized, NY slice. Without further ado, here is the rundown.


Prenzlauer Berg- Pizza Nostra

Pizza Nostra is a Prenz veteran that has been around for about ten years and delves deeply into the Neapolitan style according to an old family tradition that goes back more than 100 years. In fact the pizza shop boasts a bill board of an old family picture and is run by two brothers who were taught the pizza making craft by a great uncle and master pizza maker.

Lychener str. 2


Friedenau- Malafemmena

Cult favourite Friedenau pizza shop Malafemmena that has been around for a little over two years. Another of the Neapolitan genre, Malafemmena has been catching lots of heat for their beloved pizza stylings down south. They are in the early days of another small satellite joint that does more fried Neapolitan treats in Kreuzberg by the name of Malafritta

Hauptstrasse 85


Kreuzberg- Zola

Zola, one of the more well known Berlin pizza establishments is as well known for their Neapolitan style wood fired pies as they are for the no bullshit attitude. Not that Mr. Eatler condones shitty service, but a good pizza is still worth a lot of attitude. The Kreuzberg pizza shop is veteran that has been around for while and has garnered many devoted followers.  Though there have been some questions regarding the product as of late since some of the crew split off and opened their own joint.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40

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Friedrichshain- Salami Social Club

Salami Social Club the Friedrichshain pizza shop that has taken the pizza scene by storm since it opened a little over two years ago has gained a reputation as some of the hardest working pizza slingers in town. They are constantly operating in numerous locations as satellite pizza shops and are active in the catering realm as well. They are constantly collaborating with some of the most interesting grassroots restaurateurs in town and focus on various different styles of pizza, including the much prized NY slice.

Frankfurter Allee 43


Freidrichshain- Pomodorino

Pomodorino pizza shop and Italian restaurant over in Friedrichshain has been around for the last eight years and comes from the hands of two Southern Italian restaurateurs. They do pizza by the measure if you cant handle the whole square either to stay or go. They offer the standard combinations and iterations of slices however if you are not completely into the handheld they do a full menu as well.

Straßmannstraße 21


Prenzlauer Berg- Standard

Standard Serious Pizza shop up in Prenzlauer Berg has been a local favourite since it opened about four years ago. Recently they were featured in a Coca Cola campaign for their original style and indeed they do have some do or die fans. More geared to the foodie game than the hard core slicer, they offer interesting combos for the Prenz. crowd and have an upcoming interesting autumn menu.

Templinerstrasse 7/ Ecke Zionskirchstrasse


Mitte- Papa Panne

One of the more well known joints in Berlin is Mitte’s Papa Pane di Sorrento that is more of a legit resto than a pizza shop, yet their pizzas are still much admired. They do a lot of high end combos which is to say pizzas with special cheeses and meats. For the more highbrow pie, Papa Pane is the Mitte local.

Ackerstraße 23


Schöneberg- Prometeo

A much beloved Schöneberg joint, Prometeo takes lots of pride in its pies. Considered for the real Neapolitan deal, this two year old joint goes for pizza  leavened for 72 hours, with Caputo flour and the San Marzano tomatoes. The mozzarella and the fior di latte come direct from Salerno. The wood-burning oven is a Stefano Ferrara. Italianita is the emphasis here.

Goebenstr. 3


Kreuzberg- Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza

Generally when pizza comes to mind the images are accompanied by the warm mediterannean sun or even the hustle and bustle of big city life, and rarely does the great white Canadian north make an appearance. However, for this unique entry into the Berlin pizza chronicles is the Ron Telesky, a Kreuzberg Canadian pizza shop that offers New York style slices with some very out of the ordinary combinations. Definitely an option if you are not a pro Neapolitan purist.

Dieffenbachstraße 62


Neukölln- W Pizza

Neukölln’s W Pizza is one of the younger joints on the list and opened up only this past spring, but the pizza makers in this shop have a long Berlin history, having splintered off from another important Berlin pizza shop. This Neapolitan style joint does wood fired pizza in a striking orange basketball looking oven and have already gotten some heat as one of the more exciting pizza shops around.

Fuldastrasse 31

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