Malaysian Fried Chicken Burger: The Daily Dish Is In!

September 24, 2018|Awards

Friedrichshain- Santa Cantina

fried chickenThe Daily Dish is in over at Santa Cantina in Friedrichshain. For today only we got the Laksa Burger also known as Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang also known as the Malaysian Fried Chicken Burger! According to the Santa Cantina crew this is “The burger that took Singapore and Malaysia by storm will be returning to the Cantina!” So the deal is buttermilk fried chicken, homemade Rendang peanut butter, sambal-sesame aioli, a sunnyside up egg, rendang sauce, cucumber, fried onions, scallions and coriander.  About eight bucks a pop. The Berlin history of this particular sammy come from the Laksa Cantina Malaya pop up that is due to return as the winter gets going. More on that is it develops. But for now, Go Eat That Now!!

Simon Dachstr. 22

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