Steak Rossini Mafia Style Over In Char-Burg: The Daily Dish

September 21, 2018|Awards

Charlottenburg- Golden Phoenix

steak rossiniThe Daily Dish is in over at Golden Phoenix in Charlottenburg courtesy of the KantstrassenMafia. For today’s daily dish we got the Tenderloin & Foie Gras with Mushrooms, Peach, and Truffle Jus. While not strictly on Kant Strasse, Golden Phoenix is still a Good Fella, and you know they just might take the steak Rossini to the next level. This one don’t come for peanuts as the price tag on this dish stands at about 35 bucks, which isn’t outrageous, but is also above the standard daily dish price tag. Nevertheless, things happen fast over on Kant Strasse, so Go Eat That Now!!

Brandenburgische Strasse 21


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