Berlin Makes Pizza, Barra Sneak Peak, Sumo Soup: Weekend Events

September 21, 2018|Events

Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg- Berlin Makes Pizza, Mobile Izakaya, Barra, Michelberger Hotel, Berlin Food Week

berlin makes pizzaOn Friday, pizza academy Berlin Makes Pizza-Accademia Pizzaioli Berlin collabs with Bikini Berlin in Charlottenburg as part of Berlin Food Week’s House of Food event. The deal is all-day pizza with Aperol Spritz and Campari at about three bucks. Check it out here

On Saturday, pop-up Mobile Izakaya passes by bar Dresden in Kreuzberg, where they’ll serve classical Izakaya dishes alongside new creations. The typical Japanese drinking establishment, will offer some Tsukune meat ball skewers, as well Sumo Wrestler Soup. And Booze. Check it out here

On Sunday, bit of a sneak peak for Barra, new resto currently in gestation down in Neukölln who is linking up with Friedrichshain hotel and gastronomes, Michelberger Hotel. They will be doing a Sunday Roast at the Michelberger Hotel for 40 bucks a pop. Check it out here.

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