Under Wraps Mitte Wine Bar Announces On Ramping Pop Ups

September 17, 2018|Gossip, Knocked Up

Mitte- Cordobar

under wrapsCordobar, the Mitte wine bar who is currently under wraps as they transition into a full fledged resto released their on ramp plan for the next month. The deal is that the resto will be doing a series of pop ups with some well known chefs and brands over the next month as they finish up working on the popular resto. Coming up first will be a collab. with the soon to come Neukölln joint, Barra a.k.a: To The Regiment, who are finishing up work on their own joint. After that there will be a collaboration with some key people from Michelberger, from The Juice Podcast and more. Interesting strategy for Cordobar to take is it slowly comes back to the scene after a noticeable absence.

Grosse Hamburger Str. 32

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