Eleven Of Berlin’s Up And Coming Restaurant Openings Of Autumn 2018

September 17, 2018|Knocked Up

Molecular Mediterannean, High Brow Coffee In Low Brow Hoods, Indochine Restos, Fried Pizza & More

The weather is turning and people are starting to feel the nip of cold air licking their tits and so its is that restaurant openings season is upon us. That three month chunk between warm days and the holiday craziness. Here are eleven of the most anticipated openings of autumn 2018.

Charlottenburg- Prism

Prism, new joint is due to open up this autumn over in Charlottenburg. The joint comes from Molecular Cuisine Hero Gal Ben Moshe, former head chef and owner of recently highly lauded restaurant Glass that shut its doors earlier this spring. After they were awarded 16 points in the Gault Millau, they had to give up the resto due to licensing difficulties with some necessary modifications. The deal with Prism is that it will continue in the tradition of Glass, building the idea of ​​a modern Arab-metropolitan kitchen. Eatler reached out Ben Moshe to find out about the progress: “We are well on schedule with renovation and construction and I’m really looking forward to cooking for the guests again.” Mr. Eatler got a sneak peak on some of the menu items… think Jewish style Foie Gras. Fritschestraße 48

Neukölln- The Barn

Just in from the Tip Line, there is news about The Barn that has been revealed to be preparing a new joint down in Neukölln. The Barn, a Mitte and Prenz. based coffee shop and roastery opened up a new shop over at Charlottenburg at the famous Kranzler location on Ku’Damm about one year ago. The new location down in Neukölln is due to open at the end of next month and the rumour is that it will be on Friedelstr. Though it is not confirmed. Will the Neukölln crowd be ready for the high brow coffee shop? Considering its the same strip that holds the gourmet dessert joint, CODA, it is entirely possible. Time will tell. Friedel Strasse?

Charlottenburg- AERA Bread

AERA Bread, formerly known as BadHunterStories, has been moving forward with the preparation for the launch of a new shop. Aera bread is due to be a Gluten Free Bakery over in Charlottenburg. The original concept was born out of a quickly expanding Instagram feed that was launched by an celiac bedecked influencer. She sought out to perfect the perfect gluten free bread recipe and in the past months has claimed a modicum of victory. She decided to open her own shop a few months back and interestingly has been raising funds through crowd sourcing platforms. The new name of the joint comes in the last few weeks as well as the announcement that they have found an official interior designer for the new joint. Kufürstendamm

Neukölln- Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo, Indochine/French cuisine joint based out of Neukölln is knocked up on their second shop. Currently they are in the final stages of their construction and it seems that they are going to be opening sometime this fall, if nothing goes wrong. The original Jimmy Woo has been around for about three years representing the Indochine cuisine in Neukölln, and their second shop is going to be situated in the same place that used to house Italian restaurant, Lava, sibling restaurant to Lavanderia Vecchia. Seems like they will continue in the Indo Chinese vein. Flughafenstr. 46

Charlottenburg- NGO KIM PAK

The KanstrassenMafia family based over in Charlottenburg and headed by Duc Ngo, owner of Ryotei 893, Madam NGO and Funky Fisch among others, announced earlier this week that their most recent joint, TOKI The White Rabbit is no more. Not a week of mourning went by for the veggie bowl joint before the family Don announced their upcoming resto. Coming in mid October there will be a new joint in the same location, titled NGO KIM PAK which will reportedly be doing Japanese, Chinese, and Korean street food as well as ramen. At the moment this is under the clever guise of “buns&bowls.” Kantstr.135-136

Kreuzberg- Layla, Crown Plaza Hotel

Layla, new joint from Israeli celebrity chef is due to make an entrance soon. The new restaurant which is the fourth for the chef and the first in Berlin, has been floating around on social media over the last few months without dropping too much info about the name or menu. The restaurant will be the lobby joint of the Crown Plaza hotel in Kreuzberg. Starting out their Berlin introduction with a rather rambunctious utterance which claimed that since they had already conquered NY it was now time to conquer Berlin. Alas the name has been revealed and the cuisine is unsurprisingly a modern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern deal. That seemingly follows one of the Berlin trends of the past year, with restaurants like Night Kitchen followed by Montraw opening up and winning followings. Hallesche Straße 10.

Prenzlauer Berg- La Cave

La Cave, new joint is due to open up over in Prenzlauer Berg at the end of the month. The deal is that it is going to be a new wine bar/resto with a wide selection of wines especially from the USA and a Mediterranean influenced menu. Nice combo and concept as its hard to find a good Russian River Valley vintage in this neck of the wood. Social media is still pretty soft on this guy, but the word is that the new joint is already on the hunt for some people to man the stations. More on La Cave as it develops. Dunkerstr.

Neukölln- Barra

Barra, new resto currently in gestation down in Neukölln linked with Friedrichshain hotel and gastronomes, Michelberger Hotel last month to preview their upcoming joint. Barra is the name of the new joint from the same crew that was doing the popular To The Regiment pop ups this past year. Opening of the new Barra resto looks to be going down later this Autumn as they are currently in construct mode. Okerstr. 2

Tiergarten- Rocket & Basil

Rocket & Basil, food caterers and bloggers have been busy at work on a new joint that for the last few months. The rumour is that it will be located in the vicinity of Potsdamer Platz. Judging by timing and the limited social media they have put it out, it is Mr. Eatler’s best guess that we can expect an autumn opening. The two sisters who have developed a name for themselves both by sharing their recipes on line, and by hosting an annual Das Brunch pop up are planning to continue their new shop in the same trajectory of cuisine as we have come to expect. That is to say, Modern Middle Eastern Falvours. Potsdamer Platz. 

Kreuzberg- Malafritta

fried pizzaMalafritta, new joint that is the sibling to cult favourite pizza shop Malafemmena has announced official dates and location in Kreuzberg. The joint is already highly anticipated by the Neapolitan pizza lover community and is on route to be doing some highly demanded cuisine, namely the fried pizza. They were keeping us plebs at bay before they announced the official location, stating the final docs were still in the works. But now Eatler can officially relay the news that Malafritta will be opening up in Sept/October on Kotbusser Damm. They are already teasing with menu items like the Crostini Siciliani w/ Ragout or w/ Beshamel, Smoke Mozzarella and MushroomsKotbusser Damm 1

Charlottenburg- Cell

Cell, new restaurant from a St. Petersburg chef is currently in gestation over in Charlottenburg’s Uhalandstr. The deal is that Cell is a “contemporary cuisine restaurant” with a seemingly fine dining lean and is the first location of an apparently well known St. Petersburg based chef. They are currently on the hunt and have apparently been active in the head hunting game. It seems they have pulled in talent from some very well known Berlin establishments and are still actively hunting. Pulling in such a heavy crew for a new joint and landing a prime gastro location just might indicate how deep the well goes. Late summer was the innitial aim, but it seems more like late autumn is more in the cards. The media that is out there starts off by saying that this will be the chef’s first destination in Berlin, so perhaps there will be more down the line. Uhlandstr. 171

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