Vegan Donut Chain Officially Opens Third Shop In Potsdamer Platz

September 14, 2018|Openings

Tiergarten- Brammibal’s Donuts

vegan donutTiergarten- Brammibal’s Donuts had their official opening yesterday and can now be considered an official vegan donut chain. The new joint which will be a year long pop up trial, acts as a toe dip in the water for future Brammibal’s Donut possibilities throughout Berlin, Germany and maybe the world. Berlin-famous for their vegan donut that can reportedly stand up to any donut you can throw at them, vegan or not, have had some detractors as of late. Recently some digital voices have been troubled by the company standards. Could they be spreading the donut game thin? Time will tell. But for now, donuts at Potsdamer Platz are on.

Alte Potsdammer Strasse 7

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