Twelve Week Matured T-Bone W/ Smoked Egg Cream: The Daily Dish

September 10, 2018|Awards

Kreuzberg- Kumpel & Keule Speisewirtschaft

twelve weekThe Daily Dish is in from Kreuzberg’s Kumpel & Keule Speiswirtschaft, the Markthalle 9 baby that recently opened up its own join on Skalitzer strip this past winter. For today’s daily dish you will have to wait to partake upon only on Thursdays because they are doing a Twelve Week Bone Matured Organic, Local Farm T-Bone Steak For Four with Chimichuri Salsa, Paprika Butter and Smoked Egg Cream. A two day pre-order is a requisite on this bad boy that goes for 60 bucks a person and comes with sides of Carrot, Potatoes, Slaw and Bread. Go Eat That On Thursday!!!

Skalitzerstr. 97

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