Eatler Reader Writes About New High End Mitte Wine Bar

September 10, 2018|Gossip

Mitte- Freundschaft

eatler readerToday’s Eatler Reader Writes comes from one of Mr. Eatler’s favourite epicureans about the newest addition to the Grill Royal family, that poked it’s head out last week revealing the cozy, welcoming wine bar in Mitte called Freundschaft (ENG: “Friendship”). Not your grungy, hip Berlin bar, this is a wine bar for the “Grill”-goers with a price to match. Opening week saw a full bar with the Gastro’s of Berlin showing up to show their support for the collaboration of one of the founders of Berlin’s Cordo Bar, the former sommelier of Nobelhart & Schmutzig, and the former chef at Sra Bua & Restaurant Tim Raue.

The combination of the Cordo Bar swag, The Nobelhart wine knowledge, and the Sra Bua finesse in the kitchen make for a good night. All three entities bring their experience and unique backgrounds to the table, put it together and it’s like a warm hug. (Too corny? The restaurant is called “friendship” after all, its a duty to live up to the corny name…)

Dishes to make you drool:

  • Cucumber salad with buttermilk and chive oil
  • Potatoes with “green sauce” and caviar (order two, or three…with extra sauce)
  • Suckling Pig sandwich with tarragon mayo

Unfortunately this Eatler reader forgot to snap some pics, so you will just have to go see it for yourself.

The wine list:

Over 500 bins, the menu is large and in charge. The design is oddly similar to the menu at Cordo Bar…hmm wonder why!? 😉 Bring your big boy wallet and let them take you for a ride.

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