Three Kreuzberg Daily Dishes That You Need To Go Eat Now

September 5, 2018|Gossip

Three August Daily Dishes are in down at Kreuzberg and you need to go eat them now! Because the seasons are turning and the menus are bound to change sooner or later! Here it goes:

La Lucha

The Daily Dish is in from Kreuzberg’s La Lucha with their killer version of the Mexican Hotcakes with Pork Belly Bacon. La Lucha has been around for a little over a year and have consistently been haled as one of the go to spots for Mexican style cuisine in Berlin since it opened. Besides these Hotcakes, La Lucha put out a new brunch menu with an “all you can eat” feature, for twenty bucks which includes both an all you can eat Carnitas Tacos and all you can drink Mezcal. But if you are less hedonistically inclined and want to remember the rest of you Sunday afternoon, the Hotcake, at about 10 bucks is the go to Daily Dish for the weekend. Go Eat That Now!

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-41

Wagner Cocktail Bistro

lamb tartarThe Daily Dish is in from none other than this year’s mainstays Wagner Cocktail Bistro. For today’s daily dish we got the Lamb Tartar with Egg Yolk, Black Garlic, Cauliflower Chips, Shrimp Salt and Horseradish. Wagner opened up a little less than a year ago and has maintained its solid rep since the beginning with numerous personnel shifts in the kitchen and a string of solid reviews. Fourteen bucks on this bad Tartar boy which is on the regular menu and it’s here to stay, but you know how seasons turn, so Go Eat That Now!

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 22


Egg Kneipe

basil lemonThe Daily Dish is in over at Kreuzberg’s one year old Egg Kneipe.We all know that Berlin has gone crazy for the bowl as of late, and lets face it, its better late than never. In honour of that delightful trend, today’s daily dish is the Egg Kneipe Veggie Bowl with Fried Egg and Basil Lemon Dip. Egg Kneipe has developed somewhat of a cult following as of late with their focus on the delectable breakfast product and have won many a heart with their breakfast Bacon & Egg sammies. So for the more health conscience connoisseur, The Daily Dish Is In!! Go Eat That Now!!

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