Chicken Burger Champ Makes Successful Return, Books Future Showings

August 29, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Piri’s/Radlers

chicken burgerPiri’s, the former Kreuzberg based cult chicken burger shop came back yesterday for a quick pop up at their Kreuzberg compatriots, Radler’s. The event was an uncontested success, with lines out of the door and a sold out stock. Due to a reported high demand, Piri’s brought back their popular sandwich The Chook Norris. Eatler reached out to Piri’s, who before the event had intimated that if things went well they would consider doing a regular stint. When Eatler reached out and asked if they will decide to develop into a regular pop up that answer was: “I don’t think we have a choice.The people have spoken.” We can expect the Chook Norris and many of the other Piri sammies coming up. This weekend they will be at About:Blank! and are do to be back at Radler’s in a few weeks. Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast. 

Eichenstraße 4

Chook Norris is in!

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