Pulled Pork Burger Truck Wins European Street Food Semi Final

August 28, 2018|Awards

Berlin- European Street Food Awards/Peikfein

pulled porkThe European Street Food Awards Berlin Heat went down this weekend and the winners list is in. The street food winner that will represent the Berlin street food community later next month is Piekfein Berlin Food Truck. Piekfein does a selection of specialty burgers including a pulled pork burger of some repute. You can usually find them every Sunday in the Kulturbrauerei at the Streetfood market if they aren’t dashing off to one fest or another. They have been around for a little over a year and as for representing Berlin, it only makes sense as it seems everyone in Berlin has been here for a little over a year. It should be noted that Eatler received complaints from some of the contestants who didn’t know that there was online voting. But alas, fair and square, when it comes to representing Berlin street food we have a clear winner.

European Street Food Awards


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