Notes From The Thai Land For Berlin BBQ Restaurateur

August 24, 2018|Gossip

Friedrichshain- Khwan/Lĕk

notesSome notes from the other side of the globe come in from Daniel Lambert, founder of Khwan, the popular Thai BBQ joint in Friedrichshain. He has been off in Thailand for a short while, working some shifts and gathering some ideas for future projects, some of which include a possible Khwan book, more recipes, and most intriguing is the notion of a new resto concept already titled Lĕk. According to Lambert:

The Lek project will be a more central and southern Thai flavour focused restaurant (as in Khwan is a more northern kinda) and we will be more ingredient and produce driven. I would like to keep it small and intimate so that the menu can be more diverse with the changing of the season and availability of the ingredients. Kinda like a top shelf Khwan, but also cooking a completely different region. So it will be complimentary to Khwan’s position in the “Thai food movement” of Berlin (that I hope to see happen)

Rumor is that they are already planning a pop up for the new concept in an up and coming joint, but more on that as it develops. As for the new menu at Khwan Lambert had this to say:

I’m definitely gonna be moving some things around once I’m back but the main thing is to be good at what we do. We are not trying to reinvent Thai food. I want to be sure I understand a dish before I claim it from its home.

No exact prognosis of when Lambert will be back in town, but he assures Mr. Eatler, time and quality are of the essence. Thanks for the updates Danny, Mr. Eatler awaits all the notes to come.

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