Takoyaki Balls Are In For That Good Deep Fried Daily Dish!

August 22, 2018|Awards

 Neukölln- Life Berlin

takoyakiThe Daily Dish is in over at Neukölln’s year old  Japanese Robatayaki joint, Life. Its going to be the Takoyaki, Deep Fried Octopus Balls that clinch the daily dish award today. Though they have delved into various other elements of the broad midrange Japanese menu, it is the Takoyaki that has Mr. Eatler’s heart. The joint itself took the place of the former Nansen Pub and moved to Berlin from London about a year ago. They have been doing the midrange cuisine on the Maybachufer and have been getting lots of love from the plebs, though initial reviews had been less than enthusiastic, but since when have the critics been the arbiters of “bon gout.” The Octopus Takoyaki with Bonito Shavings and Seaweed is in! Go Eat That Now!

Maybachufer 39


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