Pickle Juice & Jameson Along With The Summer BBQ In Mitte Veteran

August 22, 2018|Gossip

Mitte- Mein Haus am See

pickle juiceMein Haus am See, sibling to the Supersonico Mediterranean gastropub, is hosting a collaboration event tomorrow night with Jameson Whisky at their Mitte restaurant. The deal is that they will be doing a whisky drenched barbecue event, catered by Supersonico. The summer’s end celebration that will include Jameson Whisky summer cocktails and more importantly an impressive looking meat platter. For about ten bucks you get a platter of Bloody Molly Shrimps, (the Jameson style bloody marry) as well as sausages, pork belly, ribs, bacon and a collection of sides. They are also offering a reduced price veggie friendly platter. Four different cocktails at six bucks a pop as well as a three buck pickle juice and whiskey libation. And to top that they will also be hosting a tattoo artist. Whisky and tattoos always yields an interesting morning after.

Brunnenstr. 197/198


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