Shengjianbao Is In Over At Burnin’ Noodles For The Longterm Daily Dish

August 21, 2018|Awards

Kreuzberg- Burnin’ Noodles, Daheim Manufaktur

shengjianbaoThe Daily Dish is in from Burnin’ Noodles pop up who is bringing it hard with the Shengjianbao. For those of you who haven’t yet decided that Chinese is the language of the future, let Mr. Eatler tell you, that means that the daily dish is Soup Dumplings. And not your regular garden variety kind, rather these are double loved, firstly steamed and then pan fried buns of fun. You are going to have to put this one in your calendar because Burnin’ Noodles is doing this Daily Dish only next weekend, but alas patience is a virtue. They will be setting up shop over in Kreuzberg’s Daheim Manufaktur, an avid pop up host and test kitchen that has been in the scene for the last three years.

Dieffenbachstraße 68

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