Breakfast Club Quietly Opens Doors On New Breakfast Only Trend?

August 16, 2018|Openings

Schöneberg- Breakfast Club

breakfast clubBreakfast Club, new dining room/coffee house down in Schöneberg just announced their opening. Officially they are in the game but as of the writing of this item, not much is known about them. The tag line of the joint is: “Breakfast house according to your wishes” Could it be a legit ham and egger, or are we dealing with something on a bit more of a hipster lean? If one judges purely by the logo, Hipster-dome is certainly a possibility. But as to the validity of that assertion, time will tell. Regardless, more and more breakfast only joints and pop ups are starting to pave a path for themselves in town. This could mark the beginnings of a trend.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz 4

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