Up for Grabs: Real Estate in Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Moabit

August 15, 2018|Openings

Real Estate for restaurants in Berlin

real estateKreuzberg – Pizzeria and bakery Mondi’s Kitchen is up for grabs at a negotiable 55k. Space covers about 100sqm. They also have an outside seating area, though no info about how the whole space is divided. Monthly rent goes at about 1.3k.

Wilhelmstr. 41A

Mitte/Moabit – Oriental Snack Coriander is up for grabs at a negotiable 150k. The owner is handing it over due to personal reasons, which he is willing to elaborate. Handover includes a detailed inventory list. Space covers about 79sqm. There’s a small seating area outside on the sidewalk. Business can be proceeded straight away.

Perleberger Str. 6

Prenzlauer Berg – Vietnamese restaurant Lua is up for grabs. Space covers about 131sqm and is currently being renovated. The rent goes at a little less than 4k and there’s a deposit of about 13.7k. No provision included. Expansion can be permitted once plans have been finalized. Construction should be finished between by fall this year.

Schwedter Str. 269


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