Popular Mitte Beer Vendor Falls Victim To Late Night Burglary

August 10, 2018|DishLer

Mitte- The Castle

popularThe Castle, famed Mitte based beer vendor and cafe was the victim of a burglary last night. The bar, which relocated from Wedding a little over a year ago, has been a popular location for Berlin beer lovers and has played host to numerous beer centric events. The sister joint, F Bar, still up in Wedding has also been the victim of a recent  rash of break-ins. It seems that it was two perpetrators that broke in and thankfully all they managed to get their hands on was some liquid courage, but not much more. Police were called, and The Castle is already up and running, serving customers. Eatler reached out to The Castle owner for a comment who said “The guys reallllllly wanted good beer and couldn’t stand that we‘re closed.” Well that just makes perfect sense.

Invalidenstr. 129

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