Indian Street Food Joint Marks Opening Day In Kreuzberg

August 9, 2018|Knocked Up, Openings/Closings

Kreuzberg- Singh Indian Street Food

indian street foodSingh, Indian street food joint that has been in gestation for the last few months is due to open up down in Kreuzberg this weekend. Looks like they are still putting the last pieces in place before the official day. The deal with the joint is that its a pretty strait forward Indian street food, unclear at the moment if its from an particular region. Among the decor of the restaurant is an actual rickshaw direct from the homeland, if you feel like firing up that uberX ap. The joint takes the place of former Asian fusion joint, Enjoy Asian Food. Menu is still unclear but Mr. Eatler has antlers crossed for some Kati Rolls.

Oppelner Str. 45,

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