Gastro Gathering Due To Happen In New Neukölln Joint

August 9, 2018|DishLer

Neukölln- Last Morning On Earth

gatheringThe Last Morning On Earth (TLMOE), the new Neukölln based joint from the former owner of The California Breakfast Slam (Cabslam) and the owners of Laotian-Thai bistro, Jimmy Woo, is going to play host to an upcoming gastro network gathering. The event is a rehash of a former collective of restaurateurs that would get together to commiserate over their particular Berlin resto tales. The next event is due to take place in October in the new restaurant which is due to launch in mid-September. It has been a year long haitus for the network, which is based off of a Berlin Gastro Network Facebook group, but judging by the recent rash of neighbour/bureaucracy issues, it is very welcome.

Flughafenstraße 46

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