Mitte Based Mexican Street Food Standard Says Adiós

August 8, 2018|Openings

Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg- Neta Mexican Street Food

mexicanNeta, Mexican street food joint that has been around for the last three and half years shut down early last month. The restaurant brand has two location, one in Prenzlauer Berg and one in Mitte, as of right now it looks like the Mitte location is the one that is closed down, and that the Prenz. location is currently up for grabs. Neta sent out a message to its customers before it left:

Thank you, customers, for all your sticky burrito fingers and sloppy taco mouths! Thank you, suppliers, for always handpicking our avocados because we were only satisfied with the ripest! Thank you neighbors for not being dicks about our trash and noisiness! And a special thank you to all our staff during the last 3,5years for your help! We love you all! Remember the good times! NETA OUT…

Weinbergsweg 5


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