Lemon Meringue Pie With Australian Love! The Daily Dish Is In!

August 3, 2018|Awards

Neukölln- The Future Breakfast

lemon meringue pieThe Daily Dish is in from the young Australian cafe The Future Breakfast who are putting up that welcome summer treat, the Lemon Meringue Pie.  The Future Breakfast, which started off as a nomadic food vendor, found its way into its very own rooted joint down in the Neukölln a few months back. The deal with the joint is that they offer a menu and atmosphere with a strong influence of the Australian breakfasts and coffee scene. One of these influences seems to be the pie of the week, which is to say “a new pie on the counter every week.” It just so happens that this weeks Daily Dish landed on that killer Lemon Meringue! Go Eat That Now! Who knows what will be around next week?! Probably The Future Breakfast knows, but you’ll have to risk it.

Böhmische Straße 46

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  1. It’s the wonderful Katy G. who makes these extraordinary cakes!

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