Beloved Sonnenallee Pastry Shop Due To Open In Wedding

August 2, 2018|Openings

Wedding- Konditorei Damaskus, Emissa

pastry shopKonditorei Damaskus, the now famous Syrian pastry shop on Neukölln’s Sonnenallee is about to open a second joint over on Leopoldplatz in Wedding.  Damaskus has been around for a little over two years and almost immediately developed into a legend status for their delicious and authentic confections. A second shop is only to be expected given Damaskus’ success. The new join is titled Emissa and opening day will be later next week. Unclear whether it will be another version of the original joint, or whether it will be more of cafe sort of establishment, but either are a welcome addition to the Wedding firmament.

Müllerstr. 29

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