Kimchee Chilli Cheese Fries And KFC Burger: The Daily Dish Is In!

July 31, 2018|Awards

Charlottenburg- Son Kitchen


Fellow street food vendor and Daily Dishler: ©Mama Schabz with the art!

The Daily Dish is in from Son Kitchen in Charlottenburg, the two year old Korean burger joint who are killin’ it with the The KFC burger! That means: Brioche Bun, Crispy Buttermilk Chicken with Kimchee and Tonkatsu Sauce. Along side though is the trusted side kick of Kim Cheezilla Fries, a.k.a. chilli fries with kimchee on fries, a.k.a. TRUTH! It may be hot out, but a little known bedouin secret to battle the dessert heat, hot tea and The Daily Dish cools the body down. Go get it either at their rooted location or at Markthalle9 at Streetfood Thursdays! Go Eat That Now!

Kantstr. 46

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