Biggie Smalls & Spare Ribs At Kreuzberg Smoker Launch

July 31, 2018|Gossip

Kreuzberg MIRIKA

biggie smallsMirika, the two year old classic German cuisine with a modern twist cafe in Krezberg are throwing a Ribs & Raps BBQ to celebrate their new smoker. A bit of a different direction for the joint that has mainly stuck to the German style menu. The deal is from 5pm, the resto will serve different smoked cuts like spare ribs, while old school rap blasts from the speakers. No clear info about the menu, besides spare ribs and Biggie, but they say the meat will be so good, “it could bring Biggie back to life.” Whether or not they will keep the “German cuisine with a modern twist” trajectory remains to be seen, but putting together Biggie Smalls and Spare Ribs does not Bavaria make.  Event will take place second week of August and no entrance fee.

Prinzenstraße 103

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