Majestic Maple Glazed Bacon Sammy For The Daily Dish!!! Only 6.50!

July 26, 2018|Awards

Neukölln- Geist Im Glas

maple glazedThe Daily Dish is in at brunch connoisseur Geist Im Glas in Neukölln, with the Maple Glazed Bacon and Cheddar Omelette sandwich, served in Italian bakery Sironi’s sweet raisin bun, all topped with spicy Sriracha sauce. So lets just stop with the games right now and get serious, because this is perhaps the most serious Daily Dish there has been to date. Geist call it “the king of sweet and salty” Mr. Eatler calls it “Your Majesty.” But the best part, this bad boy of breakfast sammies goes for the humble price of six fifty! The brunch/cocktail bar only serves this bad boy on weekends, so Go Eat That Then!

Lenaustr 27

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