Low Carb Cafe Moves Into Softy After Long Gestation

July 24, 2018|Openings

Wilmersdorf- Lash

low carb cafeLASH, new low carb cafe is entering into their soft opening phase in Wilmersdorf. The joint has been in gestation for the better part of a whole year, with construction starting last summer. Unclear why the long process, but one thing is for sure, they started from bare bones and built out an elegant looking joint.  The deal is that they “offer plant-based foods, trendy superfoods and high-quality proteins paired with spices… Meals are mainly composed of vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products, with healthy fats and proteins replacing the lost carbohydrates.” Looks like they’ll be doing some carb free poke bowls, but unconfirmed. Free lemonades for soft opening.

Esenzahnstr. 14 


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